Monday, October 02, 2006

Bear Down, Chicago Bears

Last night, NBC's Sunday Night Football featured a showdown between the undefeated Seattle Seahawks and the undefeated Chicago Bears.

Everybody knows the Seahawks are a force to contend with. They were in the Super Bowl last year. But there were a lot of skeptics about our Chicago Bears. Sure they made the playoffs last year with a stingy defense, but the offense, quite frankly.... sucked. This year, quarterback Rex Grossman seems to have put it together, and has led the Bears to three convincing victories. But none of them were against *good* teams, so Seattle was going to be a real test.

Now, I've never been to a playoff game at Soldier Field, but let me tell you, the place was just rockin'. I know some NFL and college stadiums are louder, but that was hands down the loudest sporting event I have ever been at. Even louder than the World Series when Scott Podsednik hit his game winning home run (something to do with architecture that makes football stadiums louder than baseball stadiums). Now I know why some shooters wear earplugs when they work. Anyways, the Chicago crowd knew exactly what they were cheering about, as the Bears could do no wrong, passing their biggest test of the year by knocking off the Seahawks 37-6.


Blogger Chris Humphreys said...

Dude, these are sick as always!

So when are we gonna shoot a Bears game together????


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