Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Sneaking" Out to Shoot

Well, I waited three months before finally posting again.... so you're thinking this probably should be the most amazing post I have ever written! Well, if you're judging that by game magnitude and importance, then yes it would be right up there. Since I last posted, I have been to some of the biggest events in the sporting world, including the Winter Classic, the BCS Championship Game, and the AFC Championship Game.

But photo wise, not so much. Why? Well, even though I feel like I can shoot with the best of them, my value is greater to the company as an on-site editor pushing other photographers' pictures out (I will be doing the same thing at the Super Bowl in a few weeks, and I will explain that process more in that future post). So even though people tell me that they are jealous that I get to go to all these events, I always counter by saying that it's not that glamorous.... because as an editor, I will spend about 90% of the time in some basement work room. Any shots I get to shoot are just a bonus.

Typically when I am editing a game, the one thing that I will get to shoot pre-game features. I personally do not feel like there is much value in these photos like these, other than they are kinda cute-sie photos that we get out on the wire so that a gallery of images exist on the website. In doing so, our clients will know very early that we are at and will be actively transmitting from the game.

Other than that, when I am at a game primarily as an editor, I will shoot early in the game (because I have no pictures to edit at the start of the game, so I might as well make some of my own). Depending on venue and sport, I might have access to the field, or I might not. Obviously for a hockey game, space is limited because there are only a finite number of photo holes. So I have to go around and look for something different. At the Winter Classic (I was actually snubbed as a shooter for this one becasue the deal was for me to never be assigned as an editor if it's my hometown team playing... oh well), I went upstairs and shot the opening face off loose:

At the AFC championship game, I was allowed onto the field to shoot, so I did so as I normally would... at least for a few minutes:

I actually got a few photos from the AFC championship game that I was happy with, including cherry picking part of the trophy celebration:

But typically, when I am at a game primarily as an editor, I won't get to shoot long enough to get anything really spectacular. On top of that, I do not want to place myself next to one of my company's photographers, because it's silly to get a shot identical to another photographer. So I am usually left with odd shooting positions. For example, in the BCS championship game, I got a couple of decent shots, but they are from areas of the field that I don't usually like to shoot from. With the Gators driving for a touchdown, I positioned myself at about the 15 yard line. Typically, if a team is in scoring range, I will plant myself in the corner of the end zone so I can get the team crossing the goal line for a score. However, we already had a photographer there, so I was looking for a "reverse" or "profiled" angle of the play. Nothing spectacular, but these are two pictures of the Gators running the speed option that you don't typically see....

So that's just a small sample of what I have been doing recently. I shoot a lot of regular season stuff still, but when it comes to the big events, I move back into my game manager/editor role and only get to cherry pick some action here and there. Next week, I play editor again as I head down to Tampa for the Super Bowl. So check back soon to see how an editor works at a big game!


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Enjoy to see you back and know what you are up to.

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