Saturday, September 13, 2008

Football in the Rain

On Saturday, Chicago saw a record downpour of over seven inches of rain that lead to major flooding in basements and streets all across the city. But that doesn't stop football from being played!

As I made the slow drive up to Evanston for the Northwestern game, I was strangely excited for this one. I have shot football in a near blizzard, but never in a near monsoon! Most people hate the rain, but I feel that it is tolerable to shoot in as long as you are prepared for it... and knowing that it should make for some pretty interesting photos! I knew it was going to be pouring all day, so I had towels, rain coat, second change of clothes, and all my camera rain covers ready to go.

It was my first football game of the year, so I felt a little bit rusty, but I think I turned out a decent take from the game. I was a bit disappointed that the rain wasn't as visible in the photos as I had envisioned, (even less so in this low-res blog), but with the game being played at noon, it was just too bright out to offern enough contrast to make the rain stand out. Not really much to say about football.... just action, action, action. Enjoy!


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