Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's Gonna Happen

For the second year in a row, the Chicago Cubs are National League central division champions. And unlike last year where the clinched it on the road, they did it at home this year so they could party down won the field in front of the fans!

Even though the Cubs clinched the division crown on Saturday, the more exciting game was the one that happened last Thursday against the Milwaukee Brewers. The Cubs made a few miscues early in the game which led to them falling into a 6-2 hole going into the ninth inning....

Then things got exciting. With two outs in the ninth, the Cubs strung together some hits to cut the deficit to three. Up to the plate came catcher Geovany Soto, who promptly hit a three-run home run on the first pitch tie the game.

First baseman Derrek Lee followed a few innings later and hit a game-winning RBI for an improbably 7-6 Cubs win.

The clincher on Saturday was not really all an exciting game. It was a close game, but as far as action photos, it wasn't that exciting because there were not really any plays at the bases and most of the runs came on homers. But man, what a party!

I knew the players would eventually come out onto the field after clinching victory to celebrate with fans, but I didn't expect them to do pretty much the entire celebration out on the field. Normally the players will go into the clubhouse and spray each other down with beer and champagne and then just come back out to wave to the crowd and shake hands, etc. And of course, locker room access was limited so almost nobody was prepared for being right in the middle of the champagne shower. But instead, they pretty much just ran into the clubhouse, grabbed the boxes and boxes of alcohol and started busting all that open out on the field and spraying each other as well as the fans (and media people in the scrum). Luckily our gear is "weather sealed." Still had to wipe my stuff down after I got back home so it wasn't all sticky and gross from all that champagne though. Hey, I guess now I know that in the playoffs to bring some plastic baggies to cover my stuff if they clinch series wins at home!


Anonymous Chris Humphreys said...

Love that Derek Lee celebration shot.

Awesome job as usual man!

10:53 AM  

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