Monday, December 24, 2007

Tis the Season...

... for giving and receiving....

Jingle Bells :-)

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Boomer Sooner

It has been a wild and wacky college football season. For those of you who follow NCAA football, you know that it seems like almost every team ranked #1 or #2 has lost at this time of year which has meant weekly shake-ups in the polls:

- 10/6: Stanford 24, #2 USC 23
- 10/13: Kentucky 43, #1 LSU 37
- 10/13: Oregon State 31, #2 Cal 28
- 10/18: Rutgers 30, #2 USF 27
- 11/3: FSU 27, #2 BC 17
- 11/10: Illinois 28, #1 OSU 21
- 11/15: Arizona 34, #2 Oregon 24
- 11/23: Arkansas 50, #1 LSU 48
- 11/24: Mizzou 36, #2 KU 28
- 12/1: Pitt 13, #2 W Virginia 9
- 12/1: Oklahoma 38, #1 Mizzou 17

I was there at Missouri's big loss to Oklahoma on Dec. 1 in the Big XII championship game in San Antonio, TX. If Mizzou had won, they would have guaranteed a bid in the BCS National Championship game. They played the first half of the Big XII championship like everything was on the line (it was), and fought the mighty Sooners to a 17-17 tie at half.

Unfortunately for Missouri Tigers fans, the team laid an egg in the second half by getting completely outplayed on offense and defense en route to getting blown out 38-17. Bye bye national championship dreams. I think the Tigers will be hearing "Boomer Sooner" in their dreams for quite some time.

This game was my first taste of Big XII football. Even though Missouri and Oklahoma fans packed the Alamodome, I'll admit I was a bit disappointed in the atmosphere. I figured since the Big XII is such a traditional powerhouse conference, the fans would be pretty rabid. Especially since the national championship was on the line. Maybe it was the fact that the Alamodome is a neutral site, or maybe my trip to Death Valley and SEC country really is putting all my future college football experiences to shame!